Last Chance To Book Sophia Loren!

48079103_1491455364331381_6479307020439650304_oYOUR LAST CHANCE TO HAVE SOPHIA LOREN AS A SPEAKER FOR YOUR EVENT!
•OCT & NOV 2019, Full fee, travel etc. Contact Katrina:

Submit Your Underwriting Requests Before End of Year!


Remember to submit your requests fo corporate underwriting for your events well before the holidays and for sure, before the end of the year. If you wait longer, your request will go unconsidered for another year.

Don’t forget to mention all the perqs we have coached you about! Mention those in your proposal, as well.


This was taken in San Francisco, late 1990s, at the Verve Record Party. Not the usual gig photos I post.

Joe Williams had the most perfect velvet voice and sang with (among others) The Count Basie Orchestra. His “Here’s To Life” CD is one of my most treasured.

Joe was almost 80 here. You never would have guessed because he was big and strong and his posture was perfect. He laughed all the time. He was young at heart, strong of body, and kind beyond words. It was a bacterial infection that took Joe VERY suddenly, and then Joe’s best friend Robert Goulet, shortly followed.

Joe’s death was the only time I ever had to close the office. I just couldn’t cope with this strong, healthy, happy and wonderful man being struck from the earth. It can still make me cry.

That time we worked with STEVE TYRELL!

SteveTyrell&K72202 July 2002. If you don’t immediately recognize Steve or his name, you do actually know his music from numerous hits and movie soundtracks. Steve Martin is known for being his #1 fan. Steve Tyrell is great, puts on a fantastic show and is wonderful at doing extras like meet and greets. Check out this youtube:

We work from integrity

sorrynotsorry And because we work from and in integrity, SORRY NOT SORRY. Let me explain.

I recently contacted a nonprofit I was very excited about. I’d seen an article online and really wanted to help; and knew I could! Things started great, and we got interest from big names. Then my contact started spinning–how about this unknown actor from this tiny TV series– it’s my fave etc– And I spoke with him and let him know HEY we need to put butts in seats and make you some money. This isn’t about meeting your fave actor–although with a couple successful events under out belts, maybe you’d have some extra bucks to do some extra event where you didn’t have to make that much $$.

He broke contact.

I’ve been thinking about this. I could have taken a booking fee, made him happy until he realized that was money with no return on investment and been unhappy doing celebrity bookings. But I feel it’s my duty to use my 27 years of experience to actually make a client (the nonprofit) successful!

No regrets.

That time we worked with KESHA!

KeshaKatrina copy
It’s only been a bit over a year ago, and lord knows I don’t take many photos with the artists as I age…but I couldn’t resist getting a quick pic with Kesha! She was more than wonderful, as was her staff. She’s so interested in making the world a better place. Bowling Green State Uni, Ohio– January 2017.