Tartan Talent Supports Your Fundraising Efforts!


I know how challenging it is to meet your fundraising goals. Let me share with you some of the many ways we support you.

• Our industry experience saves you money on talent fees and production.
We know what can be axed from the production rider, and we know what to ask about and what NOT to ask about, to keep the talent and their staff happy. You can really annoy (and therefore alienate) your talent by unwittingly withholding or questioning line items without a proper frame of reference in the field.

We most recently secured a $35,000 act for $18,500, and got the act to throw in airfare as well. Not all deals are that marked, but we can certainly save something, somewhere for you!

• We have extensive history with committee work and can make sure you have everything you need for your next meeting, AND/OR be on the call personally to field questions.

• I free you up to deal with all the other moving parts of your gala. Tartan Talent will manage all details of the celebrity portion of your event, with minimal check ins (to you) so it’s all but off your plate.

THEN, you will be the one to take the bows, when your committee, your boss, your community applauds the great event!