We work from integrity

sorrynotsorry And because we work from and in integrity, SORRY NOT SORRY. Let me explain.

I recently contacted a nonprofit I was very excited about. I’d seen an article online and really wanted to help; and knew I could! Things started great, and we got interest from big names. Then my contact started spinning–how about this unknown actor from this tiny TV series– it’s my fave etc– And I spoke with him and let him know HEY we need to put butts in seats and make you some money. This isn’t about meeting your fave actor–although with a couple successful events under out belts, maybe you’d have some extra bucks to do some extra event where you didn’t have to make that much $$.

He broke contact.

I’ve been thinking about this. I could have taken a booking fee, made him happy until he realized that was money with no return on investment and been unhappy doing celebrity bookings. But I feel it’s my duty to use my 27 years of experience to actually make a client (the nonprofit) successful!

No regrets.

How to EVEN get started!?

I hear this at least 2x a week. I don’t know what to do. I don’t have the money. And my least favourite “I’m nobody”.

I’m Katrina at Tartan Talent, and I can even show you where and how to get the money. To pay for everything including my services. And MY services will take care of everything else. Similarly to I’d like an air-conditioning system in the house but don’t know where to start; so you call an a/c company.

I will start you off slowly- you won’t have Paul McCartney the first year. You’ll be learning the ropes and you don’t want Paul to see that happening. But you’ll have an AWESOME name show you will have a blast with, and make money with, and raise your profile in your industry.

Fill out a form on our site as soon as possible- the money I will have you going after may take some time. But it’s THERE to be had.

I’ve been doing this since 1991, and I still can not wait to do your show. It’s still the biggest thrill in the world to do this and see everyone involved so happy!!

Event Education: Budgeting for a Celebrity

big pile of dollars Most people on this earth do not know how to book a celebrity performer, and what to expect when they do. We want our clients to be fully educated, so thought I’d write a short note on expenses and payments.

Not only will you be expected to pay the performer’s asking fee, but you will also be signing on the dotted line to fly them in (and by THEM, band, entourage, whoever that performer needs at the gig with them), put them up in hotel rooms and feed them. Limousine, cargo vans, around the clock access to same, often times.

More than you thought? Well, think some more.

Concerts mean staging (venue rental), lighting and sound, technicians to run all that. Instrument rental and tuning. Sometimes special flooring. Security. And don’t forget, you’ll be feeding the crew too.

Now all this can be gotten with underwriting, but that needs to be started 1 yr in advance.

You can really see how proper budgeting will make or break your event. We’re glad at Tartan Talent to go over these things with you.

What to look for in a TALENT COMPANY!


You’re going to do a SHOW!  It’s overwhelming!!  So many details, so much money and opinions involved!  Tartan Talent is a full service (some might say turn key) production company, that will handle your event, work in your best interests and take all the fuss off your plate!  Download this flow chart to get an idea.

You can’t afford a FREE celebrity!

We hear it all the time. “Who can we get for FREE?”

And here is why you don’t want someone for free. In fact, there are many reasons.

First of all, it will almost never happen. In all the years we’ve been involved in the business, we’ve seen this happen SUCCESSFULLY once. ONE time. Uno!! And the number of times it failed– COUNTLESS!

Reason: With a “free” celebrity, you have no contract. Without a contract, good luck. You won’t have any guarantee this person will show up, and no recourse when they don’t.

Reason: Once it’s “out there” that a celebrity has accepted a free gig, EVERYONE starts asking them for the same. That alone keeps all celebrities from accepting a free gig ever– even once.

Reason: You insult the celebrity. And they never forget you/your organization. It literally goes on your “permanent record”!

Reason: Agents won’t forward your request to the celebrity. Managers won’t either. PR agents won’t either. It’s a total waste of time. You’re not taken seriously.

When you decide to elevate your organization with a celebrity event; be it a concert/gala, speaking event, personal appearance– come to the table with a good offer, including round trip travel, ground transportation (in your city only, not on the other side), hotel. Tartan Talent can get the best quote for you on anyone. We can get the quote and availability on the act(s) you are interested in, and advise you on whether or not there is wiggle room to “go in low”.