That time we worked with KESHA!

KeshaKatrina copy
It’s only been a bit over a year ago, and lord knows I don’t take many photos with the artists as I age…but I couldn’t resist getting a quick pic with Kesha! She was more than wonderful, as was her staff. She’s so interested in making the world a better place. Bowling Green State Uni, Ohio– January 2017.

Brian Dennehy

Tartan Talent made a connection with a popular actor for our special event — which I would not have been able to do otherwise. Tartan Talent’s outreach to Brian Dennehy while he was performing on stage in NYC enabled my former employer to have the actor make a gratis guest appearance at our donor cultivation event at which we premiered his movie: “The Ultimate Gift.” Their knowledge of the industry, integrity and judgment is why I continue to ask for their input when planning events. 

Debra Miller

Director of Special Events


Comedian Steve Mittleman helps raise money for Temple!

Comedian Steve Mittleman

An Atlanta Temple had Steve Mittleman perform at their comedy gala night and it was a real night to remember! Attendance was up, more money was raised for their good works, and everyone was extremely happy.

Steve does regular stand up gigs, but also has (upon request) acts strictly tailored for Jewish audiences!

Robert Klein performs to cure Myeloma!

Legendary Comedian Robert Klein brought his musical comedy act to Southern California and the gala fundraiser to find a cure for Myeloma.    Attendance and dollars were up from previous events! And the audience was treated to a truly fantastic, bigger than life show.

Event organizer Spencer Howard with Robert Klein

Jimmie Rodgers sells out Camas WA 2nd year in a row!

I’m Marquita Call, and I’m half of “Ballard and Call” Gallery, All Things Creative!  (

We’ve had Jimmie Rodgers do a book signing in our gallery (with his autobiography “Dancing on the Moon”) and arranged multiple concert shows for him in town for 2 years straight now.  It’s a lot of work, but it’s fun and there has been a big payoff for us!

The traffic in to the gallery and the PR we’ve gotten has been priceless!  This is something not everyone does, and Tartan Talent sure makes it as easy as possible, doing the logistics and contracts.  We so much fun, it’s great business, and we look forward to next year.

Here is a photo of my partner, Sharon Ballard, and me with Jimmie– this is an experience I’ll always remember and talk about!

Ballard and Call Gallery, Camas, WA

Marquita, Jimmie & Sharon at Ballard and Call Gallery, Camas, WA