First Steps for your Concert!

When we talk, we’ll establish a budget for you (unless you’re experienced and already know the amount).

You tell me your wish list genres, and I will send you custom lists of who you can afford within that genre. i.e. R&B to 25K or Comedy to 5K, etc. Of course Pop to 1 million would be great too– we can do it all!pink guitar

Rave Reviews For Tartan Talent!

With every show we produce, we get great feedback. This is because of two big reasons. ONE: Our experience/knowledge/being fast on our feet (from 1991) and our extensive contacts; and TWO: our deep desire to make all parties (audience, artist, client) as happy as possible.

Please remember there are NO dumb questions and we WANT you to call and see if this is something you could do– and even if not– you will then know what you DO need in the future! Email or call today!TTraves

Tartan Talent is here to help you!

Howcanwehelp You have events that are less than exciting and less than prosperous. You have a venue and it’s not paying for itself. We have been in show business since 1991 and can turn that all around for you. We can help proote, we can fully book and produce the events of your dreams for you! Click contact us to start!

We are even happy to work out if you are ABLE to do this!

Tartan Talent and Kesha, at Bowling Green OH

KeshaKatrina copy January 27, 2017– Tartan Talent (Katrina MacGregor) produces Kesha’s show at the Stroh Center, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green OH. Kesha and her team were super great to work with– and the fundraiser was for !

Ohio! Come see Kesha & The Creepies!

unknown-1 Tartan Talent will be producing KESHA AND THE CREEPIES at the Stroh Center (Campus of Bowling Green State University) on January 27! Bands4Change is presenting Kesha and the Creepies to benefit 3 causes and you can be part of it! Tickets through ticketmaster! SEE YOU THERE!

What exactly IS Production?


You see we say full service booking and production. You know booking is hiring and contracting, but is the word production making you scratch your head?

PRODUCTION is basically making the show happen. I always say it’s like putting on a wedding for multiple brides and grooms. Production is making the contract rider come to life. Every thing from airfare, hotel, livery to lights, sound, stage covering and to hospitality as well.

One slip up in this department, and you have a very unhappy artist(s), audience and client. We are exemplary producers! Email us through our website here to get started with discussions!

No sales calls from us!

Layout 1 Each job starts with a DISCOVERY CALL- which is not, nor never will be, a sales call.

A discovery call lets YOU (the client) know what costs are and we decide if it’s affordable and doable, or not.

It’s more of an educational conversation. What the timeline is, what the expenses will be, contracting questions, any questions you may have at all. I also learn about your organization and goals. Please email to schedule a discovery call to “kick some tires” and see if you’re interested. We will never call you again if you’re not proceeding, and of course would never push you to proceed if you are unwilling or unable. We are not salespeople, we are concert producers.


It’s true!

Whether you use underwriting or have your grant writer obtain funds, we will keep within your budget and make money for you, all while making your organization the talk of the town.

If you are nervous or unsure about this kind of event, we will educate you every step of the way. You’ll wonder why you weren’t having this much fun all along!