Last Chance To Book Sophia Loren!

48079103_1491455364331381_6479307020439650304_oYOUR LAST CHANCE TO HAVE SOPHIA LOREN AS A SPEAKER FOR YOUR EVENT!
•OCT & NOV 2019, Full fee, travel etc. Contact Katrina:

Submit Your Underwriting Requests Before End of Year!


Remember to submit your requests fo corporate underwriting for your events well before the holidays and for sure, before the end of the year. If you wait longer, your request will go unconsidered for another year.

Don’t forget to mention all the perqs we have coached you about! Mention those in your proposal, as well.

That Time We Worked With George Benson!

Katrina w:Geo Benson

I often use this photo as our Facebook profile photo, because not only is it a great shot of me and George, both- but WHY it was so great. Late 1990s, unseasonably cool weather at a California winery in the summer– and George was just the nicest, fun guy to work with. I expected a dry show and it was anything but– he was SO entertaining! It was a great gig.

Why “24/7” Booking Companies?

Hi there. I recently saw a booking company boasting on Twitter that they were “24/7” and were always available. Okay….

I check email WAY too much, no matter what day or night or time. If there is something I can do immediately, consider it done.

BUT, the agencies, managers, tour managers, PR staff and ARTISTS are not available 24/7. So if you advertise that you are never closed, then what do you do say on THIS date, the day after Christmas? The staff and artist are wanting their time off. The industry (except those actively touring during the break) is all but closed until the first full business day of the next year. So what is that “24/7” booking company going to do then? Annoy the hell out of people who don’t want to be bothered now, and maybe they will lose the booking or at the very least, create a little animosity that lasts throughout production and the show itself.

Best to chose someone like us (TARTAN TALENT) who knows the business for many many years (since 1991) and understands industry protocols and niceties.


First Steps for your Concert!

When we talk, we’ll establish a budget for you (unless you’re experienced and already know the amount).

You tell me your wish list genres, and I will send you custom lists of who you can afford within that genre. i.e. R&B to 25K or Comedy to 5K, etc. Of course Pop to 1 million would be great too– we can do it all!pink guitar

Rave Reviews For Tartan Talent!

With every show we produce, we get great feedback. This is because of two big reasons. ONE: Our experience/knowledge/being fast on our feet (from 1991) and our extensive contacts; and TWO: our deep desire to make all parties (audience, artist, client) as happy as possible.

Please remember there are NO dumb questions and we WANT you to call and see if this is something you could do– and even if not– you will then know what you DO need in the future! Email or call today!TTraves