Event Productions

Tartan Talent is a full service event production company.  We can assist with all phases of your event, from initial planning to the final takedown.

How does it work?

Contact Tartan Talent for an initial interview with our experienced event planners to determine your goals and budget and answer any questions you may have.  After the initial interview, this is the basic process:

Speakers, Comedians, & Sports Celebrities

  1. Biographies, videos, and other materials are provided to help you narrow down the list.
  2. Availability and pricing are determined for your selections.
  3. Paperwork and contracts are drawn up and signed by all parties.
  4. Planning for additional services – meet & greet photo sessions, radio & phone  interviews, etc.
  5. Reservations & planning for hotel, ground and air transportation for your special guest(s).

Concerts – all of the above, plus:

  1. Coordinate production requirements with venue and venue’s technical director.
  2. Contract sound and lights for concert in accordance with talent’s production rider.
  3. Contract labor.
  4. Work side by side with the talent’s staff to ensure the most successful and smoothest event possible!
  5. Set schedule for show date including crew call, load in, sound check, food drops, show time, etc.
  6. Onsite production from load in to load out:
    1. Crew call management, problem solving.
    2. Coordinate technical load in.
    3. Stage management for sound check.
    4. Stage management for show.
    5. Oversee and manage all meet and greets, VIP receptions, etc.
  7. Work with talent and staff to keep everyone happy.

Is your event a fundraiser?  We have years of experience planning entertaining and successful fundraising events that promote your cause, increase your audience, and meet or exceed your fundraising goals, all while you have a fun and memorable experience!