What Does A Concert Producer DO?

Unlike movie or television producers, a concert producer is in the trenches. We’re more like a director on films and TV.

So what is it, we do exactly?
• First, we figure out what price act you can afford, and then when you’ve made your choice, we submit an offer to tempt a yes response, USING OUR VAST INDUSTRY CONTACTS AND KNOWLEDGE, and contract with the concert act.

• Next, we obtain the act’s concert rider, and start advancing the show. THIS TAKES A FRAME OF REFERENCE OBTAINED THROUGH YEARS OF WORKING IN THE INDUSTRY. This includes:
~ Getting Airfare and Hotels booked
~ Getting meals, hospitality pre-ordered and arranged
~ Any special permits, parking for buses, livery, limo & van pick up arrangements (once we got Naomi Judd’s doggie ok’d at Orlando Theme Park for an appearance)
~ Getting bids on and contracting with light and sound companies
~ finding and contracting for the backline (instrumentation, music stands, special flooring, whatever you see on stage)
~ Show schedule, from flight arrival, hotel pre-check in, day of show schedule (sound check, load it, show time, meet & greet, etc.)

• All these things must be approved as we go by the venue, the talent, the client. We work with all staff for all 3 entities.

• Day of show, if you have us there (and you SHOULD!), we process it! Anything that comes up, we handle it. Any problems, we solve them. IT’S SECOND NATURE TO US! An empty Stage Before the Concert with floodlight