My Story

You can always rise again!

childhoodMusic has always been my savior. It’s a universal language that connects people, which I love to serve. Passion leaves clues.

Little did I know during my difficult childhood in the 60s when I would escape into KYNO 1300 top 40 radio in Fresno, California, I was actually setting the stage for a fulfilling, dynamic career in the entertainment and event industries.I would have never imagined that given how stifled I was by my parents.

I spent Labor Day weekends in my teens writing in my notebook and recording the top 100 yearly countdown songs as it was played. I would lose myself in the music. I would daydream. I would connect with my spirit. My imagination was so fertile then. I imprinted the love of music into my heart and mind because it was a saving grace for me.

I was raised by 2 broken parents who only felt better tearing others down- including me. I was often told “you’re too ugly to deserve anything”.

I was very driven as young teenager with dreams. I held many jobs in my teens.Then the truth was revealed about my future. It was a cool, rainy day in Fresno when I asked my father to send me to college so I could major in veterinary medicine. His answer: He refused to send me to college and help me pay for books even if I paid my own way. His advice? “Get a job with the county and just endure it until you can retire. Then you should be all right.”

Wow…imagine a parent telling their child that! Thank God for my spirit and belief in life! That was a defining moment for me. I refused to live a mundane life. Although this was painful, the gift in this challenge was how it shaped me to live out my dream.

I did end up going to Fresno City College studying general education while holding down a full time job.

Katrina-with-Tony-BennettI carried my solid work ethic into my 20s and early 30s all the way till I found my passion—producing concerts. I love the look and feel of the people in the audience, the performers onstage and those visiting backstage were happier than kids seeing Santa Claus—and I had made that happen!

I knew I found my sweet spot!

After working for a very well known headliner for 4 years, I went to work for a production company that was VERY unethical. This experience was my inspirationin 1998 to start my own company. I knew I could do a great job AND be honest and above board than what that company represented.

I have had Cairn Terriers (like Toto in “Wizard of Oz”) since 1982, and am very active in the breed. We compete in all dog sports and I even singly produce the Cairn Terrier Club of America’s yearbook since 2004. This incorporates my graphic arts talents and my Scottish heritage together, and brings tons of satisfaction!

My passion focus in event planning and producing is for the non-profit industry where we produce any size event, and we do it for a cause. That is meaningful work!

Whether it’s a private event or a fundraising gala- my passion will result in an event people will be talking about for months to come!

Katrina-with-terrierProfessional Bio:

I have been in the entertainment world since 1991. As a personal assistant and tour manager, and then in 1996 I began booking and producing shows. From Tony Bennett and Lionel Hampton and Gregory Hines to fantastic personal appearances by James Earl Jones, to comedians such as Robert Klein and Joe Piscopo….our team helps worthy organizations with any celebrity!

My industry savvy and long years making friends and network connections make contracting and negotiating easy, and we know how to craft an offer for your event that will be accepted.