We work from integrity

sorrynotsorry And because we work from and in integrity, SORRY NOT SORRY. Let me explain.

I recently contacted a nonprofit I was very excited about. I’d seen an article online and really wanted to help; and knew I could! Things started great, and we got interest from big names. Then my contact started spinning–how about this unknown actor from this tiny TV series– it’s my fave etc– And I spoke with him and let him know HEY we need to put butts in seats and make you some money. This isn’t about meeting your fave actor–although with a couple successful events under out belts, maybe you’d have some extra bucks to do some extra event where you didn’t have to make that much $$.

He broke contact.

I’ve been thinking about this. I could have taken a booking fee, made him happy until he realized that was money with no return on investment and been unhappy doing celebrity bookings. But I feel it’s my duty to use my 27 years of experience to actually make a client (the nonprofit) successful!

No regrets.