You can’t afford a FREE celebrity!

We hear it all the time. “Who can we get for FREE?”

And here is why you don’t want someone for free. In fact, there are many reasons.

First of all, it will almost never happen. In all the years we’ve been involved in the business, we’ve seen this happen SUCCESSFULLY once. ONE time. Uno!! And the number of times it failed– COUNTLESS!

Reason: With a “free” celebrity, you have no contract. Without a contract, good luck. You won’t have any guarantee this person will show up, and no recourse when they don’t.

Reason: Once it’s “out there” that a celebrity has accepted a free gig, EVERYONE starts asking them for the same. That alone keeps all celebrities from accepting a free gig ever– even once.

Reason: You insult the celebrity. And they never forget you/your organization. It literally goes on your “permanent record”!

Reason: Agents won’t forward your request to the celebrity. Managers won’t either. PR agents won’t either. It’s a total waste of time. You’re not taken seriously.

When you decide to elevate your organization with a celebrity event; be it a concert/gala, speaking event, personal appearance– come to the table with a good offer, including round trip travel, ground transportation (in your city only, not on the other side), hotel. Tartan Talent can get the best quote for you on anyone. We can get the quote and availability on the act(s) you are interested in, and advise you on whether or not there is wiggle room to “go in low”.