Why “24/7” Booking Companies?

Hi there. I recently saw a booking company boasting on Twitter that they were “24/7” and were always available. Okay….

I check email WAY too much, no matter what day or night or time. If there is something I can do immediately, consider it done.

BUT, the agencies, managers, tour managers, PR staff and ARTISTS are not available 24/7. So if you advertise that you are never closed, then what do you do say on THIS date, the day after Christmas? The staff and artist are wanting their time off. The industry (except those actively touring during the break) is all but closed until the first full business day of the next year. So what is that “24/7” booking company going to do then? Annoy the hell out of people who don’t want to be bothered now, and maybe they will lose the booking or at the very least, create a little animosity that lasts throughout production and the show itself.

Best to chose someone like us (TARTAN TALENT) who knows the business for many many years (since 1991) and understands industry protocols and niceties.