The best way to chose talent for your event.

I am inspired to share a recent (yesterday!) experience we had here at Tartan Talent that was all wrong.

The client says to me “we are having an event on Valentine’s Day” (.oooh my goodness, that’s soon, I think, but we’ll make it work.) “and we want ‘x'” (a band from the 70’s, very very popular.)  I say ok, they’re 100 to 150K.  She gets a little ticked off and says “well how are we supposed to pay for that with 75 seats in our club?”.

Here’s the deal.  You’re NOT.

Then she goes on to say “well name other people and their fees”.  What?  EVERYONE? Do you realize how many acts/bands/individuals there are OUT THERE??

Here is the path to success.  

1. Before you call, establish a talent budget.  Know that you also have to pay for travel and technical costs for the show. on top of talent fee.

2. Decide what genre or genres you want.  Comedy?  Country?  Hip Hop?  Jazz?  Oldies?  If you’re not sure about the genre, you can say “we like Tony Bennett and Harry Connick Jr” or some such.  We’ll get the drift.

3. Give us at Tartan Talent those 2 pieces of information, and we’ll email you custom lists of who you can afford in your different genres.   THEN we can start making some decisions!