You can do it, and you will be a star in the process!  Easy steps:

1. give us a call or email us with your talent budget and preferred genre(s).  WE WILL RESPOND WITHIN 24 HOURS with CUSTOM LISTS.  Now you know who you can afford!  You can also mention who you WANT and we can give you their quote.

2. We will walk you through all the steps neceessary.  We do all the work, based on your decisions and parameters.  From offer and negotiations to getting the talent on the plane or bus home.

3. How do we get paid?  Generally from commission paid by talent.  If that’s not possible, we will come to you BEFORE THE FACT and let you know any fee we may need to charge to book and produce your show.  It’s always YOUR call whether you want to do this or not.  Tartan Talent will work our **** off for you!

JOHN FOGERTY’S TOUR MANAGER TOLD US OUR DATE WAS THE BEST OPENING DAY OF A TOUR EVER!  Over 40 yrs!  TARTAN TALENT IS HIGHLY RESPECTED in our industry and our goal is that the talent buyer and the talent both are walking on air after each show!

You will be the rockstar after booking a great show for your event!

Trust Tartan Talent to leave you walking on air and reaping praise after your event!