Comedian Bill Kirchenbauer brings heavy traffic to convention booth!

Comedy legend Bill Kirchenbauer

Bill Kirchenbauer running the Tradeshow booth, which brought lots more potential clients in, than ever before!

You have a tradeshow coming up.  You’re spending big money on a booth.  How do you get more foot traffic there? hired Bill Kirchenbauer to run their game booth and bring people in.  AND IT WORKED GREAT!   That year, booth had more people visiting, leaving contact information and TALKING with their friends about this great, fun booth!!   (Watch Bill at the booth here!)

Everyone know Bill.  You know him from SO MANY movie, TV commercials and TV shows, including the one he starred in- JUST THE TEN OF US, a spin off of Growing Pains.  For such a reasonable investment, your tradeshow booth will pay off in spades!