Hosting A Celebrity, or ANYONE! How are your skills?


Are you a good host?


WELCOME!  (Or not?)

People who are great at hosting celebrities at their events are those who are great at hosting Aunt Sally’s second cousin who came to stay the weekend.  The skill set is the same.  How are YOUR hosting skills?

Here is a checklist for the extraordinary host:

1. Have a dedicated guest room.

2. If possible, have a dedicated bathroom for guests.

3. Have clean towels, with extras, ready in your guest’s bathroom.  Also think about having a clean “one size fits most” unisex robe in the bed or bathroom.

4. Have LIQUID soaps in the bathroom.  No one wants to worry who used a bar of soap last!  Also have shampoo and conditioner in the guest shower.

5. Have a sheet of paper in the guest room with “guest services”; where to find extra towels, toliet paper, etc- also the name of your wi-fi network and password.  Things like that.

6. Have hooks on the back of both the bedroom and the bathroom door.

7.  Have extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. on hand.

8. Make sure you ask ahead of time about dietary requests, and have their favorite food and beverages on hand.

9. Do we even need to say it?  CLEAN so your house shines!

The bottom line is that you WANT your guest to feel wonderful and enjoy your home.  And if you host a celebrity, you want that celebrity to feel wonderful and enjoy your event.  “They took great care of me” is one of the highest compliments either kind of guest can give you!