Fear has no place in fundraising.  Things like celebrity appearances and concerts are proven result getters!  What’s holding you back?  Is it fear??  How do I start?  Who do I call?  How do I know when I have the right company?

Celebrity fundraising can be as much work as a huge society wedding if you don’t pick a great full service company such as Tartan Talent.   Tartan does a “turn key” type entertainment presentation for you, while keeping you in the loop for all progress.

Tartan’s event planning guide is a great overview on everything you’ll need to pull off a huge event that puts dollars in the coffers and raises your organization’s profile (and your own!).    It has great tips that you don’t want to miss!

Hard to get community support and big dollars if you don't make it worth their while!

If only they had Tartan Talent on their team!