Offers to and Contracts with Entertainment Acts

There really is so much to a successful offer than any civilian could know. What does the agent, the management, the PR agent and unit rep want to see? What does the artist want to see, and what will make them feel cared for and treated with the proper level of respect? (If you think fawning over them, NO- this is BUSINESS.) To what level of representative should you submit the offer?

Tartan Talent knows how to get your best chance of acceptance. And we will discuss key components with you before you sign off on the offer.

And once the offer is accepted, a contract will be issued. Tartan Talent will go over it and make sure you, OUR CLIENT, is also cared for, respected and taken care of. We have seen thousands of contracts and know immediately what is to be expected, what is right and what is wrong.

Let Tartan Talent advocate for you before we put on the best event you’ve ever imagined.