The difference between a producer and a promoter.

Many “civilians” (non-show business people) are confused by the terms promoter and producer.

Tartan Talent is a PRODUCER.  We book and produce shows, usually “one outs”– meaning the artist comes to your event specifically, and only.  OR we put a date on an already existing tour, to save you travel money.  A producer takes pride in doing all the work, handling all the details of the gig. 

A promoter is someone who arranges and then PROMOTES a string of dates for a single act.  Don’t get me wrong; we need promoters.  But if your event is SPECIAL and you need SERVICE and help, this is not the way to go!!

Tartan will negotiate, book, contract and totally handle your event, from beginning to end, and leave both the talent buyer and talent with a GREAT satisfied, happy feeling after the show that will last to the next event!