Turn Key is the best way to book talent

Whether you are booking a private event, a corporate event or a fundraiser, a full service turn key company (LIKE TARTAN TALENT!) is your smartest choice and absolutely the best way.

Even if you do understand how to present an offer and you find a celebrity’s contact information, are you comfortable with negotiating, contracts, handling the rider and producing it, and being onsite to fix every little whim, both for your own interests AND the celebrity’s?

This can be a painful process that can leave a bad taste in your mouth for celebrity events.   Don’t let that happen.  Celebrity Events are too lucrative and give you and your organization too much of a high positive profile.  Don’t pull your hair out, and don’t lose out.

Tartan Talent will handle EVERYTHING about your celebrity event from the offer process to putting them back on the plane going home (or bus).  And hire all companies (light, sound, etc) for you as well.  All this for a plane ticket and a hotel room– quite a bargain!  And you will come out basking in praise for the event!