How You Use Our Services

questionmark Is it overwhelming to even PONDER what you need to do to have talent at your event? Let’s talk about what Tartan Talent does for you.

Level one: Booking. We get you custom lists in your genre and budget. You choose acts and we make offers– until we get you contracted with talent.

Level two: Advancing the show. The act will have a contract RIDER with their contract. Tartan Talent will get bids and arrange for everything (the show) “to happen”. I liken it to a wedding planner, but on a ginormous scale. Any missteps at this level can mean a disastrous show night for you. Organization and experience make us the best. We will also work to get you PR for your event- including interviews with your local radio. TV and newspaper along with all social media.

Level three: Overseeing the show in person, AT YOUR EVENT. Not only will we work to fix any problems that may crop up but better, still– we prevent any problems from cropping up! Heck, I’ve been known to iron a shirt occasionally for the band. That is on top of backline/piano tuners/stage skirting/hospitality/planes/limos/vans/hotels/lights/sound!

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